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  ry 3ee84ee7cf fix typo 2 weeks ago
  ry 7a1508929a add werewolf.codes 3 weeks ago
  ry 376f4be631 fix sourcefynnder 1 month ago
  ry 410c23bcf2 command edits 1 month ago
  monty 3729091868 change stuff 1 month ago
  ry 7576968a06 add dev commands back 1 month ago
  ry ce774e0f09 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitdab.com/r/thaldrin 1 month ago
  ry 10644a554d remove stuff 1 month ago
  ry e07497f024 stuff 1 month ago
  ry f0828b8d53 change mention id 2 months ago
  ry 00e35c4021 remove host contrib from vars 2 months ago
  ry 1bc9985dec fix calc typo 2 months ago
  ry 1e97965263 embed links using SL 2 months ago
  ry fe9a102f0a change shardlog and edit help 2 months ago
  ry 8598f27de8 change reconnect log 2 months ago
  ry 23ac36c819 added stats command 2 months ago
  ry 37a08314ea remove a console.log 2 months ago
  ry afbde77edc lots of stuff 2 months ago
  ry 16fd7d9c27 count command usage in db 2 months ago
  ry 5eb34f8a86 widget page 3 months ago
  ry 9500bc3a45 forgot a status. 3 months ago
  ry 0ddc8e064f more playing statuses and moving playing stats to a util 3 months ago
  ry bdb87c97d7 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitdab.com/r/thaldrin 3 months ago
  ry 21a2812416 fix ping cmd 3 months ago
  root 921e08e0ff fix server maybe 3 months ago
  ry 02c51912b0 command logs because fuck monox 3 months ago
  ry 4b578c8af9 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitdab.com/r/thaldrin 3 months ago
  ry 7aa6a617b5 remove my ID as a blacklist placeholder 3 months ago
  ry 436f8564be turn off changelog because it doesn't work 3 months ago
  ry 5ee9d4106d added changelog command 3 months ago
  ry 8ae4072260 gave it the wrong name 3 months ago
  ry 1ce763f2d4 fucked my help 3 months ago
  ry e130dbec7c use vars more + help command rewrite 3 months ago
  ry c1c2a6b86b different way for suggestions 3 months ago
  ry 72bd216f54 added needed permissions to command help 3 months ago
  ry 34c1822e97 Blacklists / Topic Settings / many more changes 3 months ago
  ry 3793241426 Economy 3 months ago
  ry 1052a0d809 economy 3 months ago
  ry 92c2231e26 dig fix 3 months ago
  ry 635cfb0391 dig command for myself uwu 3 months ago
  monty 0bf9fb3c65 help me 3 months ago
  monty fa4b8a3b86 fuck windows and not having a dig command 3 months ago
  monty a965dd70e2 don't use undefined when your db returns null 3 months ago
  monty 1c4fd7148a button fix 3 months ago
  monty c21c3bf942 don't reset server config on rejoin 3 months ago
  monty b9b5ed7501 own haste does not work, rip 3 months ago
  monty 2782131a7d what 3 months ago
  monty 3fc0ac110f new haste 3 months ago
  codepupper 39b2b09f1b vars 3 months ago
  monty 9e7ef02d4a Added Audius 4 months ago