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yiff by Lio



*Do not update from v2 if your current code is still based on v2*

If you need Support or want more Information, join my discord server

⭐️ Supported APIs

Yiff, by default, uses the main Killswitch Instance as a Proxy for any Requests.


import Yiff from "yiff";

// every object in the config is optional
let config = {
  useragent: `Project/version (website)`;
    killswitch: {
        enabled: true
        instance: ""
    apikey: {
        sheri: "<Your Token>";
        yiffrest: "<Your Token>";
        e621: "<Your Token>";
        e926: "<Your Token>";
const yiff = new Yiff(config);

let tags = "werewolf male/male"
let limit = 1
// Basically:

yiff.e621(tags, limit).then((r) => {console.log("e621", r)})
// => Unfiltered E621 Response

yiff.e926(tags, limit).then((r) => {console.log("e926", r)})
// => Unfiltered E926 Response

yiff.yiffy('animals', 'birb').then((r) => {console.log("yiffy", r)})
// => Unfiltered Response

yiff.floofy().then((r) => {console.log("floofy", r)})
// => Unfiltered Response

yiff.sheri('paws').then((r) => {console.log("sheri", r)})
// => Unfiltered Response

yiff.shibe("shibes", 2).then((r) => {console.log("shibes", r)})
// => Unfiltered Response => {console.log("fox", r)})
// => Unfiltered Response


Q: Will you add other APIs as well?
A: Depends on if they're either free or I get an all-access token, as well as if there's proper documentation for the API

Contributing & Issues

Feel free to make a Pull request and fix some things, otherwise just open a Issue or join my discord server and let me know what you want added!